About Kindergartenlife

Hello!  My name is Sharon Davison and I have the pleasure of being a Kindergarten teacher in Vermont. I have been teaching for 32 years.  During my teaching career, I have worked with 1st through 4th grade.  I am now embarking on a new journey… Kindergarten!

I am a National Geographic Certified Educator and a National Board Certified Teacher.

Kindergarten is like a breath of fresh air every day.  Young children are curious and great observers.  They naturally look for patterns, similarities and make connections spontaneously. Kindergartenlife was designed and created by me with these ideas in mind.  I love the daily energy and excitement that children bring each day.  This genuine interest and love for learning is what I enjoy the most.  Through a young child’s natural ability to seek out understanding I try to capture this idea to help promote the love of learning.

I use a variety of technologies that help to engage, enhance and inspire children to want to pursue their ideas.  I have found that once you are inspired to learn, you learn how to learn through your ideas about what you understand.  Blogging, wikis, voicethreads, podcasting, ePals, and SKYPE are just a few of the technologies that I use to promote the love of learning in Kindergarten.

I value collaboration and innovation.  The world is changing so fast and the tools that are available to support, enhance and engage from a teaching view are endless.  I look forward to making connections with others who are also interested in making a difference in how children learn.

I believe in innovation and collaboration.  I feel that as a teacher of young children I have a unique opportunity to help promote the idea of becoming a safe and responsible digital citizen in the world.  I have created many blogs and wikis for this very purpose.

13 responses to “About Kindergartenlife

  1. Just came across you Blog in LinkedIn. Looking forward to keeping up with you. I’m very interested in the use of the iPad and Smartboards in with early learners.


  2. Hello! or Howdy as we say in Texas! I came across your blog, researching how teachers use iPads in the classroom for a tech class (technology in the elementary classroom). I found your blog very fascinating and encouraging so see that teachers from around the country are really embracing the new technologies in the classroom! I can’t wait to read how the rest of your school year goes!

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    • Hi Carrie,

      Thanks for reading. Would love to have you sign up as an email subscriber. I love teaching, it is a passion for me. The technology enhances everything I do!
      Thanks for connecting, Sharon


  3. Hi, What I would like to know is how you introduced your technology to students. How many iPads do you have and if you only have a few how do you manage the resource? Your project is exactly what we received a grant to do.


    • Hi Rebecca,

      I do not have a quick answer for you. Technology is a tool, a way to enhance what you are doing with your students, a way to engage and promote collaboration and critical thinking. Maybe think about 1 project or study that you will covering and think about how the iPads can enhance what you are trying to do. Hope this helps!


  4. I am just starting to explore the possibilities of ict within my practices but I must say I am struggling to understand what an Reflective blog is and much of the other technologies you have mentioned. You truly amaze me.


  5. Hey! From Augusta, Georgia. I wish I could have attended the ISTE conference this summer. I teach kindergarten for five years now. I have found technology to be a very good tool to use with kindergarten. I have gone from one computer to a Promethean board and four computers in five years and I do not want to go back. I am looking for ipad games that work offline because we do not have wireless Internet yet. Appreciate any ideas.


  6. Sharon, this is a fantastic blog! I am so excited, and honored, to be working with you this year! You bring so much to our work!

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