Making A Connection: School-Home-World

Awhile ago I was offered an opportunity to have Miss Teen Vermont visit Kindergarten.  She was interested in visiting schools in Vermont to share her passion, wildlife rehabilitation.  After connecting with her, she arrived in Kindergarten with her slide show and it was quite evident right away as soon as she began speaking how passionate she was about her content and the investment she and her family have made towards an important issue, animals who need refuge.

1935878_1017806248266496_1869014780006748846_nSophie did an amazing job.  My students learned so much about what to do when and if they find a wild animal in the woods or anywhere.  So….. a month or so after her visit to Kindergarten I receive an email from a parent……

“____wanted me to reach out to you about contacting the wildlife rescue guest speaker that visited your classroom. We found a tiny baby bunny today, near its very injured maybe mom bunny. ______ learned so much from the lesson in your class and was able to share specific details that were very helpful.

____ really wants to bring the bunny into school tomorrow. I was hoping that getting some direction on what’s best for the bunny from a professional would help make it a positive experience for everyone. I looked up some information online and it appears to be a very sensitive situation based on the needs of the bunny.

Please let me know if you have any ideas/preferences on how best to handle. Thank you very much!”

I choose to share this because it is a wonderful example of what we can do to make a difference. Through an invitation to learn from someone else and connect, we are able to become “experts” and begin to make connections with what we are exploring.  So one of my students was able to “educate” and inform  her parent about what she learned in Kindergarten.  Through her new knowledge she was able to share, experience empathy and make a difference.  When she shared her story with the class everyone had great questions and also made compliments about how safe, kind and responsible she was being through her actions.

So the bunny gets what it needs.  It is on it’s way to the refuge center. One of my students experiences empathy and responsibility and is happy to know that __ actions have an impact.  My student may also be able to participate in a summer camp as well about animals who need refuge.



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