Connecting Globally

While I was on Twitter recently I noticed a photograph which caught my eye.  Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.05.12 AMAfter reading the photo I started thinking a lot about what the words really meant and how can we all simply just “open the door” to enrich learning for everyone.  The internet has the ability to share, connect and engage everyone.  Once we “walk” through that door we begin our own learning path, a path that we control.  This is what is so amazing about being connected.  Connectivity offers us all opportunities to learn alongside each other as well as model how to collaborate and connect to solve real world problems.

As an educator one of the greatest gifts I can offer my students is learning “how to” learn through their own learning experiences.  When someone learns how to learn themselves they begin to develop strategies and ways to seek and answer their own questions about what they are curious about.  When we share our learning and ideas with the world we offer others invitations to engage, ask questions and connect with our ideas.  Here is where we begin to model how to have conversations in regards to learning in safe, kind and responsible ways.  Twitter has been a great platform for me to use with my students and also professionally.Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.01.32 AM One of our friends on Twitter is sharing how they are exploring and going to respond to a question we posted about something they shared.  This is a great example of how we can begin to think together as Alec Couros shared in his photograph above. Once we become transparent, we are thinking alongside many people who like you, want to change the world, one idea at a time.

I am inspired by the thousands of people I connect, think and share with.  Through our ability to reach out, take risks, say hello we offer endless opportunities to learn alongside each other.  This is important.  It is happening now.  How are you connecting globally? How are you offering invitations to your students? their families?

Stuck? Just give it a try….

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