A New Year Full of Hope

Today begins a new year, a new start, new opportunities and possibilities for the future. I have been thinking a lot about the importance of being resilient and having hope.  I am looking forward to all of the new learning that awaits and is going to happen through my willingness to be transparent, share and ask questions.

I think about the importance of how we all need to have hope, hope for our students and the world.  Through our daily interactions with parents and students my message will be clear, a message of hope.  So when a student has challenges, I will be persistent and vigilant in the belief that their is hope, hope to learn and grow through a variety of authentic and meaningful learning experiences that support my students ideas and interests.  I feel that when we are successful, we develop confidence and the ability to believe in ourselves.

This can be contagious in Kindergarten!  This is where passion develops and an excitement to take risks and try new things that interest us appears. Having hope and being hopeful offers parents an opportunity to be engaged and gives them opportunities to engage in their child’s gifts.  We all need hope and someone to believe in us and our potential and ability to be brilliant at what we choose to do, our passions and interests.

Being a Kindergarten teacher is really a wonderful gift and privilege that I am grateful for. The culture of Kindergarten is full of hope and potential.  My students have many opportunities throughout the day to have conversations around what they are discovering, playing with and learning through their authentic hands on experiences.  My students engage in phrases like;”You can do it!, Nice job, Let me help you!” These are the kinds of conversations that give us, our students and the families we work with hope, hope to be successful.

A new year, a new year of discovery, inspiration and new learning awaits.  I look forward to what is discovered by students and others that I connect and engage with.  Here is to a brand new year!  I am not wasting a minute of it!  Cheers!



4 responses to “A New Year Full of Hope

  1. Sharon, your message speaks volumes! I have actually chosen “hope” as the message that will lead me through each day as a teacher. And yes, “hope” does open many doors of communication and opportunity for all that are involved. Happy New Year and Cheers to you too!


  2. What wonderful and inspiring words for every one of us that work or have the privilege of spending time with children and their families. Here’s to 2015!


  3. Wonderful post and word that serves us well. Really need to have hope mindset for positive relationships. Mine is Fortitude Wrote about it here https://faigemeller.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/one-little-word-maybe-not-so-little/


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