Kindergarten Mentors

As I am finishing up last minute things in my classroom today I was thinking about all the different ways my students have been mentors this past year with each other, helping model how to tweet and blog with other classrooms as well as sharing their expertise with adults.


Last spring a teacher approached me and wanted to observe how I use technology with my students and was also interested in how I use the SMARTboard as well. I asked one of my students to provide additional support and more 1:1 time after our meeting.  As I watched and listened to the conversation I was really impressed with not only how comfortable my student was with the SMART technology, but the problem solving that took place during this 1:1 support time with a teacher.  I loved seeing the teacher take notes as she asked questions about not only the operation of the board, but what happens when things go wrong and do not work.  Watching my student navigate through how to solve problems as they arise was really wonderful.  k

I am not only proud of all my students, but this experience reminded me of the importance of  self direction, problem solving and critical thinking.  All of these ideas were happening at once and being facilitated by one of my kindergarten students.  As a teacher of young children I have a unique opportunity to model explicitly how synchronous and asynchronous tools can be integrated in a seamless way in regards to learning.  Once my students understood how this tool works, how we use it, then they are able to create and design their ideas as well and make contributions.  Through our contributions and being able to teach and share what we know with others we get inspired, experience positive self esteem and make connections.  This student was empowered because she was able to make a contribution, help another teacher and engage in conversations that challenged her thinking and helped her reflect on what she has learned.  For this amazing teacher, my friend, I think about what great professional development this was for her!


Really looking forward to summer and ISTE 2014 where I have an opportunity to share what a magical place kindergarten is. Happy Summer Everyone!


6 responses to “Kindergarten Mentors

  1. Kindergartners teaching each other is not only effective but nearly impossible to stop if it’s allowed to develop!


  2. Hi there Sharon! I’m a kindergarten teacher like yourself and a new blogger as well. I found your site and love reading all about the use of technology you use with your students! I am truly amazed! It is my goal for next year to incorporate more technology and teach students how to use different tools in a safe and respectful way. I am curious though, how did you connect with the class you mentioned about in South Korea? Did you write a post about it? I would love to hear more about it! Thank you for being an inspiration to not just your students but other teachers as well!


  3. ISTE 2014? Is this a conference? I am very interested in mastering Twitter and KidBlog as well as the many other technologies, but don’t know the best conferences/workshops to attend. I need some hands on practice with a master teacher. Suggestions??


    • I am doing a poster session on Monday at ISTE about Innovation and creativity and the digital tools I use. It is 1:15-3:15 PM. I also have many published pieces about the work I do with Twitter and Kidblog. I am @kkidsinvt on Twitter and my class is: @vermontkkids123


  4. Hi Sharon, I had the pleasure of meeting you a ISTE and wondered if you were willing to share your beginning of the year letter to parents about the uses of technology in your classroom? My school have a photo release, but it is not as detailed as yours seems to be. Thanks in advance!


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