Connecting Through A Quick Conversation!

Just a quick post in regards to what can happen when we take time to notice a smile and say hello!  Connecting through a conversation can be enriched and an opportunity can arise!

This morning I noticed a child getting his shoes on.  I said hello and waited to see if he needed help.  Falling out of his backpack was a bag filled with treasures and one caught my eye.  It was a flag of South Korea.  I made a connection with this right away and asked him if he would show me what else he had in his bag and where the flag was from.  I discovered this child goes to a Korean school and his family is from South Korea.

So…..  I shared with him that my class has connected with a Kindergarten class in South Korea!  He smiled and I invited him to come to my classroom to share his treasures.  He did!  It was wonderful to see how willing and excited this child was to share his story and experience with us.  My students were so excited and very eager to share our Padlet of what we are learning about our Kindergarten friends in South Korea.  He shared a couple of books with us and we made connections and shared what we noticed about the the text.  Then 1 of my students noticed  that we also have a book like his!  We made a text to text connection!  Again, another opportunity to mention in an authentic way a comprehension strategy that we are learning about through a child’s willingness to

I believe and value making connections because through our connections we have opportunities to share our story, enrich someone’s experience and enhance our understanding through another perspective.  So today I am grateful and so glad that I took time to say hello and connect.  We all have opportunities to connect and share our story.  All you have to do is say hello!

7 responses to “Connecting Through A Quick Conversation!

  1. Lovely post Sharon! So important we remember how important relationships are amidst our technology. Nothing can take the place of a warm smile and a gentle hello.


  2. Great authentic learning!


  3. Benjamin Mayfield

    My name is Ben Mayfield and I am currently an education major at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your post about making connections. I think it is amazing that your class is able to communicate and share ideas and customs with other classes around the world. This is why technology is a great tool in the classroom. Your students can explore the world and meet new and different people with out even leaving the classroom. The story about the boy you met is also amazing. You never know when you will meet some one that you and your students can make a connection with. I am glad he was able to come speak to your class I am sure that your students where very excited to meet some one in person that can share the customs of their Korean kindergarten friends.
    Thank you for sharing.


  4. Hi,
    I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. Thank you for reminding me how important a kind smile means. Also, i find it very interesting that you and your class stay connected through Padlet. This is a very cool tool to use to stay connected around the world. Great read!


  5. What a great experience for both the South Korean student and your students! I love that your kids got to see their Rainbow Fish book in another language. That’s quite a strong connection you were able to draw for them!


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