Connecting and Sharing Using Skype!

This morning was amazing in Kindergarten!   One of my students is in Florida this week at Disney World.  He called us this morning to say hello! The students were so excited to say hello!  Later I received an email from a parent who has a child home sick and very upset that he can’t attend kindergarten!  She asks for my name on Skype so they can call us and check in!  Wow!

This type of connection is vital and important in the work we do as educators.  Using Skype my students and their families have opportunities to experience how to use technology in a safe, kind and responsible way.  I think about how amazing this is that not only my students, but their families understand the importance of being connected!

This is a great example also of how important it is to have an interactive and connected classroom culture.  This begins to develop prior to Kindergarten even starting.  Classroom culture helps support, encourage and give people a voice and opportunity to share what they understand and learn.  I always focus on the learning and the connections we make.  It is through these ideas that my students and their families feel a part of all the learning and everything that we do during our busy days together.

With so many technological tools available, it is so important as an educator to use these tools in very explicit and meaningful ways.  Through the authentic modeling, my students and their families begin to experience how the tools enrich and enhance learning.  Everyone has a voice in Kindergarten. We develop close relationships through our connections with each other. Our connections become meaningful and engaging not only because of what we are learning, but how we are learning.

Just think about what you could do with Skype.  Endless opportunities!


4 responses to “Connecting and Sharing Using Skype!

  1. Rachel Thomas

    I love the idea of students blogging every day… I’d love to see an example of a student blog, or some information about how you have it set up. Thank you!


    • Hi Rachel,

      Look at the blog roll on the right. You can access all the blogs I have created and if you use the category tab on this blog you can search for other posts that I have written in regards to blogging. Enjoy!


  2. Hi there I was wondering if you have a parent permission letter sample that you used for your children to use Skype while learning about different countries and cultures


    • Hi Shannon,

      I create a Google form prior to kindergarten that parents fill out. Skype is just 1 of the web tools I list as needing permission for. Google forms air great because it keeps track of who has responded, etc.


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