Edcamp: Why Attend?

Yesterday I attended my 3rd edcamp.  Wow!  I was able to meet new professionals and reconnect with others.  Being part of such an awesome professional experience holds lots of surprises and new discoveries.  Every camp that I have attended has been amazing. I have no idea about the what I am going to be doing or what I am hoping to learn.  It just seems to present itself in the workshops that people offer and the ideas seem to just appear through informal dialogue and new learning that others experience.  It is free as well as food and beverages.20130323-101029This is what we collaboratively brainstormed together!  Lots of possibilities here for learning!

An edcamp is an unconference.  As a collaborative group, you get to decide together about what you want to do.  In the beginning you say hello and then design the schedule for the day.  The other great thing about this model of professional development that I love is that if you are in a session and it turns out not to be what you need, you just leave.  I love this idea because it is a great model for us as professionals to take charge of what our needs are.  If it isn’t working or not for you, find something that is.

In Vermont we have a dedicated group of professionals who organize this.  Big kuddos to Ned Kirsch, Larry Fliegelman and Greg Marino who helped make this professional development available!  I know I am forgetting others to thank also!  Thank You!

I look forward to the next edcamp.  I hope those of you reading this will consider attending the next time.  Really such an inspiring group of educators.  This is a very important part of my PLN(Professional Learning Network)!  Why not make it part of yours too!

One response to “Edcamp: Why Attend?

  1. You are welcome. In fact, thank you for participating and sharing what you do. Your students are lucky to have you, and EdCampVTers are lucky to get to talk with you.


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