Kid Blogging In Kindergarten!

More Blogging!  Kid Blogging!

Welcome To The Kidblogs Page!

Our technology integration specialist shared with me last spring about kidblog.  I was thinking, oh no!!  Really?  5 and 6-year-old children?  Well, I decided to apply for a grant through the state of Vermont in hopes of receiving $ to fund my kid blogging idea.  Unfortunately my idea was not selected.  This did not stop me from kid blogging or even finding other ways to fund my idea!

My journey began.  I created an email distribution list of all my new families entering Kindergarten in the fall(last fall) and explained the idea of kidblog, why use it, etc.  All 18 of my families were excited and agreed to give it a try.  The connections started happening!  Families were encouraging their child to say hi and introduce themselves to their new classmates.  This was so inspiring and motivating for me as a teacher.  The opportunities seemed endless!  This is another way that young children and their families began connecting with each other and learning about this new tool to keep informed and to interact with in regards to their child’s learning.

Soon after Kindergarten started, grandparents, extended family members started making posts and comments also on the children’s blogs.  Prior to Kindergarten starting I decided to offer a few days for families to come into school with their child to talk about their hopes and dreams for the year.  I took this opportunity to take a photo and create a post with each child prior to kindergarten.  Wow!  Every single child’s face lite up with a smile and excitement. The relationships started to form and parents were so appreciative and thankful for yet another opportunity to be connected to their child during their school experience.

I created a page on my class wiki for kid blogging.

This idea is so exciting and new!  The Kidblogs will provide another opportunity for parents and relatives  to stay connected and share in the learning that will be happening.  Kidblogs also provide lots of opportunities for the children to use their early literacy skills involving reading, writing, spelling and of course the many strategies that he/she will develop.   The children are able to practice their keyboarding skills, knowledge about sounds/symbols and their relationship to one another when typing.  Begin to make connections with the literacy skills they are focusing on in our curriculum too!  Children create their own ideas about what they want to share about their own learning.  They will also be connecting with others and making relationships as they work on their blogs.  The children will also be communicating with their peers, family and others about experiences within and out of school.  The learning opportunities are endless.

I even made the teacher spotlight page on ePals!  This was another opportunity for me to connect with others. Love it!

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